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Sick of counting sheep? Check out these essential oils for sleep support


How can you get a better night’s sleep? Are you going through those nights of tossing, turning, and worrying about tomorrow’s deadlines and tasks? Luckily, I’ve got some handy tools for every one of your sleepless nights. Let’s start with the basics. Does aromatherapy work for sleep? According to many studies and results – YES! Falling asleep with the soothing effect of essential oils can…

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Ways to practice mindfulness that don’t suck


Our overall health is enhanced by mindfulness, but what does it mean to live mindfully? Often, it is described as paying attention to the present moment without judgment. Isn’t that easy? However, mindful living isn’t a task that is checked off a to-do list; it is a journey that requires moment-by-moment attention.   Tips for Mindfulness The more you practice mindfulness, the easier it becomes.…

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Transfer Buying: Switch to low tox slowly each month


Are you wanting to make better choices and lean towards natural living?Are you also overwhelmed by what is on the shelves at supermarkets, pharmacies, health food/organic stores and boutique markets?Are you finding it hard to decipher certain ingredients on your labels?  I definitely had these three main concerns in mind when I first noted a lot of skin and internal health issues that I was…

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Why yl is different


About Young Living Young Living is the world leader in essential oils.  They have been harvesting and distilling oils for over 28 years.  Young Living has developed a ‘seed to seal’ quality commitment program for their oils, ensuring the purity from the terroir affecting crops to the sealing of the bottle. Young Living essential oils do not have any additives and this means they can…

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What is the Difference between Fragrance Oil vs Essential Oil?


Fragrance oils are problematic because these contain synthetic compounds. What’s wrong with synthetic compounds? These unlisted ingredients can be carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting chemicals which companies do not need to disclose to consumers. On a cosmetic level, they can be drying and irritating to the skin. They can also cause many other serious respiratory and endocrine adverse effects on the body.     Do you…

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Meditation Essentials: ways to magnify your meditation experience


It’s important to take time for productive self-care practices. Quiet your mind and invite grounding feelings to each day with meditation. Creating a calming space for moments of reflection can significantly enhance your experience. In any space, a small room, nook, or quiet corner, here are a few essentials to incorporate into your meditation space. Check out the 6 ways to enhance your meditation below:…

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Elise Santos

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