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The why behind a chemical free home…

February 15, 2021

🌱The WHY behind a chemical free home 🌱 Hey guys, if you are still doing your laundry with traditional, (re: toxic detergents): There’s a better way!!  Once you have stopped for even a month and you go back and try to breathe that stuff or anything that’s been washed in it, you will thank me. If, for some reason, some article of our clothing or…

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so you’re ready to go low tox…

February 12, 2021

  Hello, Gorgeous! Well, this is exciting. You’re ready to go low tox and the best way is to grab your starter bundle and I’m right here with you to get you on your way! Essential oils are such a great way to be proactive with your wellness and eliminate toxins from your home and lifestyle.  First things first, there are a few starter bundle…

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Carrier oils for your roller blends

November 29, 2020

Let’s chat about carrier oils for your roller blends or massages!   Carrier oils can also be known as base oils. These don’t affect the way the oil works they’re just used to dilute the essential oil & ‘carry’ the oil further on the skin. Diluting essential oils is a safety practice, some essential oils are hot oils, meaning they need to be diluted in…

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The benefits of diffusing

April 24, 2020

Diffusing Benefits Diffusing plays an important part of our overall health and wellness. Think about water for a second. We need it to live. We feel far better when we are in a location with water or even a water feature, like a fountain. We relax more around a pool, lake, or the ocean. We enjoy waterfalls and water parks. We gravitate toward water because…

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Top 20 tips for essential oil slingers

April 22, 2020

  TOP TWENTY TIPS FOR ESSENTIAL OIL USERS 1) Keep your oils in an upright position. 2) Keep your oils out of direct sunlight and humidity. 3) Do not over tighten the caps, keep them taught. 4) Try not to touch the orifice reducer (the plastic topper on your oil) as it contaminates your oils. 5) If you choose to consume every single day i.e.…

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Toxic Beauty: are chemicals in everyday products making us sick?

April 20, 2020

Hey everyone, I’m getting real serious today with this article. I have always loved using and reviewing different beauty products, skincare and all our everyday products that we put on our bodies. Since starting to switch to a more low tox lifestyle, I’ve wanted to learn more about what is really in our products. What’s really in our everyday household products, personal care and cosmetics?…

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Elise Santos

Elise Santos

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