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OUAI Hair Care Product Review


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This article is an in-depth review of the products that Ouai has to offer. I purchased these products last year in October 2017, so I’ve used them for a considerable amount of time. This is an honest review for those looking to try these and unsure what some of the products are used for.

ABOUT THE BRAND: Jen Atkin has done an incredible job with her haircare brand, Ouai. She created shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and supplements. Somehow, she launched Ouai between being the creative director of Mane Addicts and keeping up with her busy schedule styling the hair of A-List celebrities, such as Chrissy Teigen, The Kardashians, and the Hadids (among many others). There’s a huge range and it seems as  though there is a product for almost all hair types and needs. For example, wave spray, anti-frizz sheets, hair supplements, dry shampoo foam, and so much more.

Ouai Hair Care Products

OUAI also has multiple kits which are great for   travelling or trying out the smaller size before investing in the full size. Besides the beautiful design of the products, the formulas inside perform just as well.

Ouai Hair Care Products

  SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: I wanted to try a shampoo and conditioner combo with two different actions to see the effect on my hair and personalise OUAI to my hair needs. I was astonished with the results as I did notice more volume with my hair and it was much easier to hold hair styles, rather than becoming flat after a few hours.

In addition to this, the conditioner provided ample hydration for my hair. Sometimes, I like to follow up with an oil through the ends of my hair, but I am reaching for my oils far less frequently with the Ouai Repair conditioner than with other conditioners on the market. However, the conditioner contains 250 mL of product, as opposed to the shampoo which holds 300 mL of product. Personally, I use a lot more conditoner than I do shampoo because my hair is long and requires intense hydration. The conditioner being smaller than the shampoo was a little disappointing for me. The conditioner formula is rich, creamy and heavily fragranced. Thankfully, the conditioner doesn’t leave a buildup, which is important.

Ouai Volume Shampoo Rating: 7/10
Ouai Repair Conditioner Rating: 5/10
Ouai Hair Care Products Thin Supplements

  HAIR SUPPLEMENTS: I tried the THIN supplements because I was attracted to the ingredient list which boasts Omega-3 fatty acids and Biotin to boost hair’s elasticity. It also contains Ashwagandha to aid in reducing cortisol levels, which can thereby prevent grey hairs and fallout. I have been struggling with hair loss since moving to London because the environment and water is so different from Australia.

I really liked the effect of the supplements. I noticed much less fallout and my hair appeared slightly thicker. Unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest kind of hair supplement out there at £26/month, so if you’re not able to spend the money, then you may need to look elsewhere for a more economical option. Some notable supplements are VitaFusion and Nature’s Bounty, but it’s always better to more of your own research to find the right fit for you. I’d also recommend checking with your GP and taking a look at your current medications and blood test to find out which hair supplements are best for you.

Ouai Thin Supplements Rating: 8/10

  COLLABORATIONS: The packaging, the limited edition kits, and collaborations with other brands and creatives are just amazing. For example, her Pill Box collab with OFF-WHITE and her Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ‘Blown-a-Ouai’ collab were both très chic and made hair styling for the everyday person so fun and easy.

Left: Rose Hair and Body Oil             Middle: Dry Shampoo Foam             Right: Finishing Creme

  HAIR CARE KITS: Of the kits available, I picked up the Morning After Kit as I was interested to try the smaller versions of the contents before going for the full size. This kit comes in a cute mini square envelope clutch that can be re-purposed for travel toiletries, medicine and makeup.
It comes with a Dry Shampoo Foam, which is perfect for extending the life of the blowdry or putting off another day of washing with shampoo/conditioner. It is a foam instead of a powder so you work it in with your fingertips and keep rubbing ’til it has vanished. It eliminates that heavy, powdery feel and the white residue that comes with other brands. I  really liked this new, innovative formula of dry shampoo.

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam Rating: 8/10

Rose Hair and Body Oil has a subtle pink rosy tint ?

  As well as this, the kit contains the Rose Hair & Body Oil, perfect for nourishing dry ends and also doubles as an oil for your skin. However, I found that this left my hair feeling heavy and didn’t absorb very well when used on dry hair. It is great for achieving a ‘Wet Look’ and adding a lovely shine. Putting it on damp hair and then styling allowed it to absorb properly and provide the hair with some protection from heat damage. Rubbing the excess onto pulse points allows the gorgeous fragrance to linger on your skin. A duo-purpose oil is always a good idea!

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil Rating: 8/10
The last product in the kit is the Finishing Créme, which tames down the hair wispies and seals the ends with some moisture and a gorgeous scent.  I’ve used this to scrunch through my hair after I’ve curled it and it gives an amazing finish, some separation, and  moisture.
Ouai Finishing Créme Rating: 9/10

Wave Spray ? £22 for 150 mL

  WAVE SPRAY: The Ouai Wave Spray is great for holding waves when styling with a straightener or hair dryer. I have dead straight heavy hair that won’t hold waves for very long, but this product has a staying power of more than 24 hours. I slept in my waves and the next day my hair was still looking great enough to go out without much further styling. It’s also so great for that “I woke up like this” look. You need this!

Ouai Wave Spray Rating: 9/10

Treatment Masque box £25 and Individual Sachet

  HAIR MASK: Treatment Masque is a luxurious treat for your hair. It contains Artichoke Leaf Extract, which supposedly seals the cuticles to protect the hair from future damage. I tried using it after shampooing and also as a longer treatment whilst I was working out or grocery shopping. It’s a nourishing product, but I noticed a bigger difference with other products. If you have highly coloured or bleached hair you may benefit from treatments using other brands such as Christophe Robin, Olaplex, and Kerastase. You receive a total of 72 mL of product in this box if you add up the 8 individual sachets. This is not a huge amount for £25, but the convenience factor is big because each mask is packaged individually. This makes it amazing for travelling or any other hair washing you might do away from home.

Ouai Treatment Masque Rating: 5/10

8 x 9 mL individual sachets

   Overall, I adore her work and her products. There is a plethora of tutorials on YouTube and her blog and Mane Addicts. I love seeing the rise of female bosses in the beauty and fashion industry. Jen Atkins is such a hardworking and inspirational person.

She has inspired me to keep blogging and working hard to build a brand and a future business. There will always be people who may not give a shit about you or hate on you, but they’re often the ones with their own issues. You can do absolutely anything you want in your life and you should!

What do you think of Ouai products? What are your favourite hair care products for when your tresses need a little TLC? Do you use pharmacy / drugstore hair products?
I have only been writing this blog for four months now, so I’m just starting to build a body of work. I’m really excited to share more with you guys. I would love it if you left a comment and let me know what kind of blog articles you like to read, if any.



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