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Turning 24 and the lessons I’ve learned so far


This year I turned 24 and felt disoriented by the number, because I genuinely feel as though I’m still a teenager. 24 is a forgotten age, where suddenly you may begin to feel as though you must somewhat have your shit sorted. I can’t claim to know the secrets of how to become a better person or give you 10 tips to lead a happier life. I’m also aware of how much advice is on the internet and certain there are millions of easy-to-digest think pieces on this. Regardless, I want to share some lessons I’ve learnt and some personal truths.

1. Change is a certainty, so try to improve your adaptability.

For example, you may have problems with your home, job, family, friends. Many things will go wrong and problems will arise, especially during the most inconvenient times. Try to keep smiling and taking care of yourself. Appreciate the small things and the big and better things will come. If you’re struggling to manage, reach out to a friend for advice or a Doctor if you’re in need of pharmacological or non pharmacological intervention.

2. You don’t need to have your career and life plan mapped out (But it’s great if you do).

The job you thought you were gonna do when you were five years old might be different from the one you’re doing now. The job you’re doing tomorrow might be completely different from the one you’re doing today. Try different careers, try educating yourself in different ways. Write down all the different jobs you think you’d be interested in and start researching them. Join different Job Search sites/apps and create a LinkedIn profile and start connecting with people. It’s okay to not know exactly where you want to be in life, but keep ruminating ideas and striving to get there.

3. Love your family harder.

Try to spend more time with your siblings and parents and extended family. If you’re estranged from your family then you can try reaching out to them and expressing that you want to spend time with them. Try and speak to your grandparents if they’re still alive. I know this is very personal and not everyone has the ability to do all of this. Family means something different for everyone. You also have the ability to choose your family if you want. Find your tribe. Find acceptance, understanding, and support in any relationships.

4. Check yourself.

Check your shit out. Get regular health checks, if not every 3 months then at least once a year. See your Dentist. Find out which vitamins or supplements you need to be taking. Examine your breasts if you are a woman. Be up to date with pap smears and vaccinations. Check out your body for moles and weird masses. Start becoming more aware of your body and your health. If you haven’t learnt how to cook yet, then start with five basic meals. Research millions of recipes online or buy a cookbook that doesn’t suck. No matter how busy you are, try to fit in one session of exercise every day – even if only for ten minutes. Check your energetic frequency. What you’re putting out to the world is what you’re attracting.

Just 4 lessons I’ve learned.

Please share any of yours with me and leave a comment. What major lessons have you learned so far in your life?

Until next time, beautiful people. ?

Elise Santos

Elise Santos

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