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False Eyelashes For The Non-Believer


False eyelashes are the best face enhancers if you can master the art of applying them. I love strip lashes because you can amp up your makeup and make your eyes pop. False eyelashes fill out your natural eyelashes and open up your eyes.

Sometimes, mascara just doesn’t cut it. I just love that you can dress up a look with some extra lashes. I was initially a bit apprehensive about fake eyelashes, because I was absolutely awful at applying them (probably still am). In the past, I thought they looked a bit too much and a bit crazy on my face and with my eye shape. These false eyelashes changed my life and now I can’t be without them for going out or when I’m ‘Out Of Office’.

Personally, I prefer fake lashes over eyelash extensions. This is because I like to use a lot of oil-containing products for my skin, and eyelash extensions cannot touch even a hint of oil. Otherwise, they will fall out because the bonds of the glue cannot be held to your real eyelash. Also, they’re more expensive and require a lot of upkeep because they should be infilled about every 3 weeks or 4 depending on where you get them done. In addition to this, I found that they rip out my real lashes rather than supposedly falling out with the natural life cycle of the real eyelash. Lash extensions are just not my thing. I think they look so beautiful, and if you can take care of them and have them done then that is amazing.

These are my favourite false eyelashes at the moment:

Huda Beauty Lashes – Samantha #7 Lashes

The Samantha lashes are perfect to wear when you don’t want to go too dramatic on the eyes but want your eyes to look bigger. They are of medium volume so they add a decent amount of volume to your real lashes. These are similar to the Queen B Koko Lashes. I adore Huda, so I expected her lashes to be great quality and super easy to apply.

Elise Santos

Huda Beauty Samantha #7 Lashes
Photo courtesy of brand

KoKo Lashes – Queen B Lashes


These lashes are so easy to work with for me. I always struggle with applying lashes and I always get these right and they are stunning and lightweight. They’re so comfortable to wear and they make me feel amazing. These false eyelashes are so full and wispy and fluffy. These are perfect for day and night looks. If I had the time and patience to wear these every day I absolutely would, because I love them. These look great on all eye types. So fluttery and gorgeous, without overpowering your eyes. Lots of Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers have been using these in their content and this influenced me to try them out. These are legit.

Elise Santos

KoKo Lashes Queen B Lashes
Photo courtesy of brand

Eyelure Luxe Faux Mink Opulent Lashes

These are super affordable at £9.95 and can be found at chemists or pharmacies and supermarkets. The band is great, its not too thick or too thin and durable enough to wear a couple of times. These appear natural, but definitely give more of a glam look. The lashes are longer in the middle than they are in the inner and outer corners, which makes these great for hooded and monolid eyes.

Elise Santos

Eyelure The Luxe Collection – Opulent Lashes
Photo courtesy of brand


Ardell Demi Wispies

For something a bit more natural-looking, but still fluttery and full, look no further than the Ardell Demi Wispies! They’re inexpensive, easy-to-apply with a thin band. These are so gorgeous with makeup looks, or even worn alone.

Elise Santos

Ardell Demi Wispies Multipack
Photo courtesy of brand


Application: Cut them! This is the most important thing. They need to be the correct length because they should never hang off the outer corner of your eye or poke the inside corner of your eye, thus causing your eyes to water and your makeup to be ruined. Depending on which false eyelashes you choose, generally you should be cutting more from the outer corner of the lashes. If you cut off too much do not panic! Cut the false eyelash strip into 2 or 3 pieces. Apply glue and use tweezers to place on top of real eyelash.
Use a small amount of glue and wait until its pretty much dry or 45 seconds-1 minute. I generally wait 1 minute because I dont want the glue to still be liquid and risk the false lash sliding around my eyelid.
I like to apply a tiny bit of mascara before the lashes go on so they’ve have something to stick to. Then I apply a super small amount of mascara after the lashes are on, to join the natural lash line to the false eyelashes.


So sorry guys, I couldn’t find all of them for the carousel below, but have linked them either above in the text or down below.

What are your favourite falsies?
Do you prefer lash extensions or strip lashes?
Please let me know in the comments.


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