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Aspect Dr Skincare Review


Aspect Dr is a specialised product range formulated for the professional medical environment. Personally, I have not used Cosmeceuticals as directed by a physician/nurse before, so this is more of an introduction to Cosmeceutical skincare for me as well as some of you out there.

Aspect Dr skincare is  tailored to support the skin and address all skin conditions and concerns. These products are formulated for the management of delicate skin, temperamental skin, acne, pigmentation, imperfections, fine lines and aging skin. Aspect Dr products are intended for distribution by medical cosmetic clinics only. Aspect Dr products contain more active ingredients than many other beauty brands in both budget and luxury. Therefore, they are more likely to contribute to positive changes to skin health. They provide a variety of products including cleansers, serums, moisturisers, sunscreens and various anti-aging treatments.

I bought these products in the hopes to improve my skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, and keep my skin hydrated and at optimal health externally. Everyone has different genetics, lifestyle, and skin concerns so please keep in mind that this range may not be optimum for you, but I feel that it’s definitely worth a try.

Firstly, I appreciate that the full range of ingredients list is available for each product and they do not hide or keep anything secret. I have found with many brands that ingredients are hidden or left out of the product information sections. Even when I have inquired with managers/ ambassadors/ other staff re product and ingredient info, I may not always receive all of the facts.

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This is the range I have due to my skin concerns, which include:

I love the double insulated packaging and pump-style of dispensing product, including the Resveratrol moisturiser. I know many brands are moving away from the pots and tubes and moving into pumps, which is great! Some other brands that I like which have this include, Drunk elephant and Rodial.


What about for those that don’t have time for a million products?

This is my ‘busy person’ skincare routine involving only three products! These are the Mild cleanser, Hyaluronic serum and Resveratrol moisturiser. One metered pump of Hyaluronic mixed with one pump of the Resveratrol massaged using outward and upward circular motions on the face and neck area, morning and night.

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Aaarghhh! My skin is too sensitive for all those products. What can I use?

When your skin is screaming because its red or dry or irritated, you can still use a few products that will help to calm the skin down and give it some gentle nutrients. Below is the Hyaluronic serum which also contrains Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Aloe, and also the Redless serum which is a corrective, anti-red, antioxidant calming serum based on the Sea Buckthorn Berry. I don’t know anything about this berry, However, this product was a lifesaver for me post-peel. This is the perfect post peel skin treatment and you can mix the two product together in your hands and apply onto the face. The Mild Cleanser is perfect for cleansing your face AM and PM.

Post-peel skincare or reactive skin flare up routine:

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Texture photos:

I am obsessed with the pump on the Resveratrol moisturiser (pictured below) and the texture and the fresh scent. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring component in the skin of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which is a great antioxidant for your skin and acts to protect from free radicals after long-term use. My skin drinks this up and loves this product! I use this every morning and night after cleansing and serums. I haven’t found a moisturiser that I would use in place of this.

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The Redless serum has an oily texture and herbaceous scent once dispensed. This product is so soothing and calming on red and inflamed skin. This was a great product to use for my erythema post-peel as well. I extremely recommend this post-treatment or just when nothing is working for your skin but you need some nourishment.

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Active C serum – love it because it’s not an irritating composition of vitamin C. AST explains that this form of Vitamin C has been chirally corrected – meaning that it is packed full of benefits and not as irritating to the skin as other forms. This Vit C serum has Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (oil soluble Vitamin C) – an excellent alternative to water-soluble Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) found in other products on the market, and this one is pH neutral so will not irritate the skin. This serum also contains SYN AKE, SYN COLL, Pepha – Peptide complex that helps refine the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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Aspect Dr products come from a very well-respected pharmaceutical and bio-technology company, and backed by many health professionals or beauty professionals working in the industry.

Overall, I love this brand so far. I haven’t had any problems yet with any of the products and I am seeing some improvements in the texture and tone of my skin after 6 months of use. I will see how I go over the rest of 2019!

It’s great to have found some serums that don’t cause a reaction and I am so happy with the Vitamin C and Complete Pigment Serum. The only Cons I can think of are that it is more expensive than other brands and it is not available everywhere – only in medical clinics. These product are not for those who are unwilling to spend $55-130 per full-sized product. However, they have offers and great deals on their kits, so you can sometimes pick up some extra/free product when buying in bulk. They have a ‘Try Me’ kit with the important bits in it (Multi B, Active C and Deep Clean Cleanser) for $45.

Also, hate the red smoke design on the packaging. I feel like it’s not an attractive part of the product, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?
This skincare is legit. Aspect Dr is my newest obsession.

My work stocks this brands and plenty of medical clinics in Sydney, Australia will also have it in stock.

Find more info here

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From left to right: Mild Clean Facial Cleanser, Hyaluronic Serum, Active C serum, Complete Pigment Serum, Redless, Resveratrol Moisturising Cream.

*Please consult your Doctor prior to using a Vitamin A product whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.
** All products were purchased directly from AST, this post is not sponsored

What are your favourite skincare products or brands?

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