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Best Lip Mask Of All Time


This product is the best lip mask I have tried in 2019. Always trying different lip balms, treatments, masks because my lips are always somewhat dry. My lips be trying to play me even through I stay well hydrated throughout the day i.e. 35ml per kg over a 24-hour period.

I stumbled across the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask whilst browsing in Sephora, and seen this all over Instagram and YouTube as recommended by a lot of other influencers or business owners. Initially, I didn’t think it was worth the price tag at 26 AUD for something that you apply to your lips overnight.

I bought this product on a whim after testing the product in-store at Sephora. The Laneige lip mask smells like delicious mixed berries but it’s not too overpowering. This contains Vitamin C, a Hyaluronic acid mineral network, shea butter, beta-glucan, antioxidants, glycerin and a blend of many different waxes, but doesn’t feel too waxy, sticky, or oily. The consistency feels super comfortable on your lips throughout the day. This is the best lip mask of all time for dry, cracked, chapped lips.

Elise Santos

The Laneige Lip mask is marketed as an overnight lip mask, but I love it throughout the day during work or when I’m out.

This is an incredible treatment because I find it has a really great plumping effect. This stuff makes me feel as though I’ve had a little hyaluronic filler injected if I’m well hydrated throughout the day.

I highly recommend this product before any lip application of lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, mattes. It’s on another level of its own, because can be used as a primer and doesn’t effect how the lipstick/colour adheres to your lips. Perfect for keeping a matte lip looking and feeling hydrated. Use it to prep and prime, or by itself!

What about after medical treatments?

The Laneige Lip Mask is so amazing for post-care following a chemical peel or medical grade face mask. So bring this with you to your next spa or clinic treatment. I have recommended this to patients after small excision procedures as well, such as lesion removal on the lips and face. The lip mask is great to use post-operatively on scars to change the water content in them and hopefully soften and reduce the appearance over time in conjunction with silicone therapy.

How do you apply it?

The pot also comes with a silicone spatula that you use to apply the mask over your lips. I don’t use this because I carry my pot of lip mask with me wherever I go and would definitely lose the little spatula. If you only use yours overnight, it’s a luxurious treat to apply the lip mask with that.

Elise Santos

The thick formula feels like a product that falls somewhere between a lip balm and a lotion. It makes your lips shiny and plump, but does not feel sticky like a gloss. It is nourishing like a lip balm, but doesn’t feel too waxy or oily on your lips. I like that the treatment comes in a bigger tub, because I constantly lose my lip balms when transferring to different bags, jackets, or who knows where else?!

I also like to use any excess on my cuticles as a luxurious hand treatment. See the pics below:


I used to swear by the by Terry Baume de Rose, but over time found that this lost its effectiveness. It feels quite waxy on application onto lips and hands. I have even noticed that the Baume de Rose feels drying over time, which is a complete waste of money. It’s also pretty heavy on the rose scent. Not sure what I was thinking at the time because I genuinely felt like it was a great product. Got a second opinion from others who agreed its not the greatest.

In Conclusion
I definitely think you all need to give Laneige a try. If berry isn’t your vibe, they also released 3 more limited edition scents, grapefruit, vanilla and apple lime. All these are available at Sephora, but I’m not sure how long they’ll stay on shelves as I feel that some may or may not be limited edition.

What’s your fave lip balm / lip treat / primer? Let me know in the comments.

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