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Top 20 tips for essential oil slingers




1) Keep your oils in an upright position.

2) Keep your oils out of direct sunlight and humidity.

3) Do not over tighten the caps, keep them taught.

4) Try not to touch the orifice reducer (the plastic topper on your oil) as it contaminates your oils.

5) If you choose to consume every single day i.e. 365 days a year,

it is best to keep your total pure drop count to 12 or under. Some exceptions apply, best to check your reference books or ask your team.

6) Rotate through your oil use with different blends and oils, rather than using the same oils over and over.

7) Use your oils daily to support health rather than only when you need them.

8) If you are using the Vitality line, you may also use the regular line the same way. The oils inside the bottle are the same, only the label is different.

9) There are 85-100 drops per 5mL bottle.

10) There are 250-300 drops per 15mL bottle.

11) “Hot” means the oil may feel warm or hot. It is best to use carrier oils.

12) “Neat” means to apply without carrier oil.

13) Carrier oils dilute an essential oil.

14) What works for you may not work for someone else. Try multiple oils within the same family e.g. feelings support and wellness.

15) Remember to listen to your body as you use oils and natural products.

16) If any oils get in your eye, rinse with milk or carrier, not with water.

17) Wait 12-24 hours before sun exposure with all citrus oils.

18) Always dilute with carrier oil for those under the age of 12.

19) Do not ingest oils if under the age of 6. (NingXia Red® is good for food-eating children or breastfeeding women)

20) If you experience an uncomfortable response, add additional carrier oil or discontinue use.

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