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Carrier oils for your roller blends


Let’s chat about carrier oils for your roller blends or massages!



Carrier oils can also be known as base oils. These don’t affect the way the oil works they’re just used to dilute the essential oil & ‘carry’ the oil further on the skin.

Diluting essential oils is a safety practice, some essential oils are hot oils, meaning they need to be diluted in a carrier oil before using.

Carrier oils do not have a concentrated aroma like essential oils so they won’t interfere with the amazing smell of your oils, although some, such as olive oil, have a mild distinctive smell. Carrier oils also won’t evaporate like essential oils. Other carrier oils include avocado, rose hip, grape seed, olive and sesame.

It’s important to be aware that carrier oils do expire though (unlike essential oils when stored correctly). We are using essential oils to improve our wellness so try to buy organic where possible & keep an eye on the expiry dates.

Do you have a favourite carrier oil you like to use?

Grab your starter bundle and create your own blends!

I use jojoba and sweet almond oil for the face, and coconut oil for the body.

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