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How to get started with your low tox lifestyle

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the plant’s “immune system” of the plant, root, herb, flower, or seed. They’re extracted through steam distillation, cold pressing and resin tapping. This ensures all the therapeutic constituents of the oil remain intact.

Oils are in drinks, perfumes, beauty products and many places that you wouldn’t realise – unfortunately not all oils are created equally. Oils found in these products are typically synthetic, so your body processes it as a toxin. Synthetic oils work against your body.

Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade which gives them the ability to be used as tools for wellness. These oils are distilled from the “life blood” of plants and contain the plant’s own immunity, hormones, and scents. It is a highly temperamental process to product pure essential oils from plants and it should not be rushed if used for therapeutic benefits. Young Living works hard to ensure consistent process from “Seed to Seal”. They make sure that the soil the crops are planted in have never been touched with pesticides or herbicides so that toxins are never present in the plants or in the oils. Young Living ensures that the correct temperature is used for the correct amount of time so that every constituent is intact. They go above and beyond to guarantee that every drop of oil is what we call “beyond organic.”

Young Living is SO much more than just oils! Instead of buying beauty products, cleaning products, and medicine at supermarkets, health food stores, pharmacies, we are now buying products from one trusted company at a one-stop shop.

Young Living focuses on creating low-tox, natural products with intention and placing high importance on sustainability.


When you are ready to start going low tox and join my team, I would love to be your safe landing space for using essential oils! I’m here to support you and educate you when it comes to using oils in your everyday life and supporting your whole body wellness.





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Select a bundle of your choice or
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the starter bundle features 12 of the most used everyday oils, ultrasonic diffuser, hand sani, cleaning spray, antioxidant supplements, roller fitments and product guide.

Sign up with essential rewards – this does NOT mean you will ever have to sell anything or be locked into a contract, this just means you get 24% off all products and will earn rewards POINTS + deeper DISCOUNTS! How amazing is that?! 




Become a member to SAVE!

Essential Rewards is a completely optional monthly wellness box
whereby you can slowly ditch toxic products and switch to natural products month by month – in addition to earning rewards points, deeper discounts and free products every month!

It completely optional and fully customisable so there is no lock-in and no limit! 




I will be notified once you sign up and be in contact with you shortly!
Don’t be shy though! If you’re wanting to connect send me an email or jump over to my Instagram account (@theirwellness) and say hello!
Add me on Facebook ‘Elise Santos‘ and message me. I want to make this experience as easy and as fun as possible for you and I want you to have all the support and resources that you need.

Let’s be oily bffs!


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