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How to get started with Young Living

Are you curious about how you can get started with creating an intentional and more natural, healthy home?

Did you click on here because you were wondering what all this is about and why I keep harping on about different oils and their uses? Trust me, I thought I’d be the last person to be obsessing over oils and using them in my everyday life. I don’t ever share and commit to things unless I am absolutely certain. Here I am, diving right in…

What are essential oils?

By definition, essential oils are the vital liquids of a plant, root, herb, flower, seed or tree. You can think of the oil as the plant’s “immune system” – it is essential to the health of the plant. Oils can be extracted through steam distillation and resin tapping which ensures all the therapeutic and health-giving constituents of the oil remain intact for the best use.

They are used to flavour foods and can be found in things like toothpaste to give it that minty kick. Oils are in perfumes, skin care products, and many places that you wouldn’t guess – unfortunately not all oils are created equally. Oils found in food and cosmetics are typically synthetic, so your body processes it as a toxin. These types of synthetic oils work against your body.

Do you want to get plant based products and essential oils from the best source with the highest purity and therapeutic grade? Start by purchasing a premium starter kit with Young Living.

It is SO much more than just oils! Instead of buying my beauty products, cleaning products and perfumes at the supermarkets or even health food stores, we are now buying our products from one trusted company focused on high quality product and sustainability.






And make sure the number 20326045 appears in
both the Enroller and Sponsor ID fields.
If the number above does not show up, you will be added to a random Young Living team
and you don’t want that!



Sign up as a wholesale member to get 24% off of all your orders.
Select a kit of your choice – I highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit!
It features 11 of our favorite oils + a diffuser of your choice!
Plus, you will gain access to our facebook community filled with resources
and you never are pressured to sell or purchase more if you don’t want to.



Want your kit to pay for itself? Young Living rewards its wholesale members
when they share about the kit + one of their friends purchases!
I’ll guide you through the process if you’re interested. It is so much fun and anyone can do it!

Monthly Wellness with Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is a monthly wellness box whereby you can slowly ditch toxic products and switch to natural products month by month – in addition to earning points, ongoing discounts and free products! It’s truly a the gift that keeps on giving for anyone who orders regularly or is wanting to invest in their health and wellness!

The breakdown:
‣ 50 PV minimum to stay active (in general, PV is = to $)
‣ 100 PV to get full commissions if you’re sharing oils with friends and family!
‣ Tiered bonus percentages!
This means 10% back months 1-3, 20% back months 4-24, and 25% back months 25+
‣ Thank you gifts from Young Living at 3, 6, 9 months and an exclusive speciality blend called “Loyalty” at your 1 year anniversary!

If you have any queries about ER, feel free to contact me and let’s chat at any point.


What is the cost of the starter kit?

The kits vary by the choice of diffuser. My first diffuser was the Rainstone, but the desert mist and dew drop are great ones to get started with.

What can I use the oils for?

What do I get from all this?

By signing up you’ll be joining a community of like-minded and incredible people to support you with your oils and how to get the best use out of them.

You will have gain insights through free e-books, webinars, and private Facebook groups. You can also connect with us and gain access to the most beautiful resources to ensure you get the absolute best out of your Young Living products.

It’s the best investment you’ll ever make for your health because trust me you will love the products and Young Living will reward you monthly for using them! It’s like buying vegetables from your local produce store because they’re healthy for you and then getting free vegetables back.

Say your one YES, to a more healthy, sustainable, SIMPLE and natural way of living.

Click here.

Alternatively, go to
or phone Member Services: 1300 28 9536

(1300 AU YLEO)
and quote ‘20326045’ as your sponsor and enroller.


I’ve got the kit, now what?

I will be notified once you sign up and be in contact with you shortly! Don’t be shy though! If you’re wanting to connect send me an email or jump over to my Instagram account (@oilify) and say hello!

Add me on Facebook ‘Elise Santos’ and message me. I want to make this experience as easy and as fun as possible for you and I want you to have all the support and resources that you need.



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