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What is the Difference between Fragrance Oil vs Essential Oil?


Fragrance oils are problematic because these contain synthetic compounds. What’s wrong with synthetic compounds? These unlisted ingredients can be carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting chemicals which companies do not need to disclose to consumers. On a cosmetic level, they can be drying and irritating to the skin. They can also cause many other serious respiratory and endocrine adverse effects on the body.     Do you…

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Meditation Essentials: ways to magnify your meditation experience


It’s important to take time for productive self-care practices. Quiet your mind and invite grounding feelings to each day with meditation. Creating a calming space for moments of reflection can significantly enhance your experience. In any space, a small room, nook, or quiet corner, here are a few essentials to incorporate into your meditation space. Check out the 6 ways to enhance your meditation below:…

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Clean beauty and reducing chemical dangers


The importance of toxin awareness in the beauty industry It makes me a bit sick to think about how much money I used to spend on beauty aka cosmetics, haircare and skincare. I was a major sucker for the pretty marketing of the beauty products sold department stores, with their beautiful packaging and buzzword ‘magical’ ingredients that were going to make all of my beauty…

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The why behind a chemical free home…


?The WHY behind a chemical free home ? Hey guys, if you are still doing your laundry with traditional, (re: toxic detergents): There’s a better way!!  Once you have stopped for even a month and you go back and try to breathe that stuff or anything that’s been washed in it, you will thank me. If, for some reason, some article of our clothing or…

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so you’re ready to go low tox…


  Hello, Gorgeous! Well, this is exciting. You’re ready to go low tox and the best way is to grab your starter bundle and I’m right here with you to get you on your way! Essential oils are such a great way to be proactive with your wellness and eliminate toxins from your home and lifestyle.  First things first, there are a few starter bundle…

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Carrier oils for your roller blends


Let’s chat about carrier oils for your roller blends or massages!   Carrier oils can also be known as base oils. These don’t affect the way the oil works they’re just used to dilute the essential oil & ‘carry’ the oil further on the skin. Diluting essential oils is a safety practice, some essential oils are hot oils, meaning they need to be diluted in…

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Elise Santos

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