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Bar Review: Aviator Bar at Hush, Mayfair


Hush Mayfair
? 8 Lancashire Court, London, W1S 1EY

Hush is one of London’s well-known dining and event locations and it is concealed in a courtyard in the heart of Mayfair. The bar team have been creating innovative cocktails for 18 years, so they are no strangers to the industry. Their amazing work gave their team the title of Best Bar in London 2017 at the London Club and Bar Awards. It is the perfect venue to impress your date, friends or clients.


 Hush is tucked away inside a traffic-free, cobblestone courtyard just seconds from Bond Street. They are a versatile venue that works hard to adapt to many situations. From catering events, to casual after-work drinks, to all meals of the day including afternoon tea, and cocktail masterclasses. The prime location of the venue is extremely well-suited to to Mayfair hedgies, and provides a lovely refuge for tired Bond Street shoppers. If you watch the series ‘Made in Chelsea’ you will recognise the Hush afternoon tea spread which appears on the show.

Hush Mayfair

Fairytale of New York’ festive themed courtyard

 Their twinkling Christmas-themed courtyard is so captivating that many people passing by have spent a good couple of minutes loitering around the front area to get the perfect Instagram shot or Snapchat footage of the white arches and decorations. The gorgeous townhouse is celebrating the Pogues’ Christmas hit Fairytale of New York’s 30th anniversary and bringing Manhattan to Mayfair.

You will find the Aviator bar up the stairs and on the first floor. The Aviator bar sits perfectly in Hush’s characteristic 60’s setting. The concept of the bar is focused on giving the guests a flight around the world by tasting different cocktails from every corner of the globe. The slick interiors and inventive cocktail menu are designed to “honour the golden age of travel”.

Hush Mayfair


The menu has been carefully curated with drinks from all over the world, including Asia, America, Europe, and the Caribbean islands. The menu is incredibly unique with each page providing the name and contents of the cocktail presented as a boarding pass. The booklet appears to be a storytelling passport, rather than your usual cocktail list.

Hush Mayfair

The introduction message in the bar menu.

You can understand a little more about the concept by looking at their menu here. The bar team communicated to me that they are in the process of creating and trialing a new (3rd edition) menu, so I’m eagerly anticipating the new addition of cocktails.


The bar area is dimly-lit with whimsical fittings and decorations. They have an extensive selection of spirits on the back bar and the knowledgeable bartenders can guide you towards the most appropriate drink if you need a hand. The menu is hefty and potentially overwhelming so, if you let them know which spirit or flavours you enjoy, they can create something very enjoyable for you.

Hush Mayfair

Hush Mayfair


The Aviator Bar has a sophisticated ambience with their velvet plush armchairs, low leather booths, and circular tables. It would be better for you to make a booking for a drinks table, but walk-ins are also very welcome. There is also space along the length of the bar to hang out, have a chat, and watch the bartenders work on their craft.


If you’re a person that enjoys ‘instagrammable’ bathrooms, Hush has a gorgeous millennial pink bathroom for ladies. The bathrooms also provide ample opportunity for touch-ups and some great mirror selfies. You can find more of London’s most instagrammable loos here.


The Aviator bar team are incredibly friendly and have exceptional skills in creating sophisticated drinks.  The bartenders are very experimental and inventive with beverages. They compete in various national cocktail competitions and are well-versed in molecular mixology. The venue also offers masterclasses for groups in the afternoon. I find it so impressive that the bartenders are willing to share their knowledge and help people learn something new and gain some more confidence. There aren’t many bars in Mayfair that have staff who are laid back and supportive enough to teach excitable customers. I have read reviews that some people were unhappy with the food and received patchy service, but I didn’t experience this at all at the bar. I received bar snacks, still water, and a drinks menu immediately before I had even settled into the chair. I can’t speak for the floor staff, but the team upstairs gave my friend and I exemplary service.


Samuele Maiolino – one of the best bartenders I know


The presentation of the cocktails are amazing and they use various peculiar glassware. Expect to see your cocktails presented in skulls or bathtubs and speakeasy-style glasses. In addition to this, you won’t just get the usual seasonal citrus fruits as garnishes. They cut and use pure ice, create homemade infusions, and garnish with rare plants or unusual edibles. The payoff is huge and you can see it in their cocktails. They challenge your preconceptions of a cocktail with their molecular mixology and their attention to detail with the cocktails is just exceptional.

Hush Mayfair

Left to right: ‘Champagne Jacuzzi’ cocktail and ‘Roman Holiday’ cocktail

The French ‘Champagne Jacuzzi’ cocktail contains a stunning blend of sparkling wine, Rosé wine (Côtes de Provence), elderflower, and lavender. As a float, they add a floral, citrus foam, giving the cocktail a touch of sweetness and aroma. This cocktail will make you see “La vie en rose”.

The Italian ‘Roman holiday’ cocktail includes gin, aperol, kumquat, hibiscus, topped with Luc Belaire sparkling rose. The garnish is a very sweet fruit called physalis which is something I had never heard of until I tried this drink. I love trying new garnishes and cocktail ideas.


My personalised rum-based cocktail.

Above is a cocktail I asked the bartender to create when I told him I wanted something sour and rum-based. I wanted to try something off-menu and the bartender created this using a chocolate-infused rum. The glassware brought me back home with the Sydney opera house hand-painted on the side of the glass.


Champagne jacuzzi and vodka-based chilli martini.

I was extremely pleased with the service and the drinks at the Aviator bar. The only reason I can think of you not enjoying the cocktails is if you DO NOT actually like cocktails at all.


The Aviator Bar at Hush Mayfair is a bartenders’ bar. It is likely that you will see someone in the industry drinking there on any given day. You might catch a brand ambassador trying to get their spirits into one of their cocktails or onto the back bar. You may see suppliers, managers, or owners of other great venues gathering at the aviator bar for a drink.

If you’re looking for a holiday escape from busy London, book a table here and be transported by the bartenders to a sunny beach in Jamaica, or far east in India. The bar team will give you an amazing gourmet experience and take you away for much less money than booking flights and accommodation elsewhere. I thoroughly enjoyed the service and the ambience in this venue. I would recommend this place to you if you’re an avid cocktail drinker or appreciate having a plethora of spirits to choose from.


Have you ever been to Hush Mayfair? What did you think of the place?
Do you have any bar recommendations or venues you would like to know more about?
Leave a comment and tell me. Cheers! ?

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