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Travel Diary: Christmas Weekend in Switzerland


Hi, Angels! I hope all of you had an incredible Christmas season and New Year’s Eve. I’m wishing you all personal growth, self-realisation, and unadulterated happiness this 2018.
This is my first travel-related post on my site. It’s also a very special post because we spent a beautiful Christmas in Switzerland. I am so grateful to have experienced a white Christmas, because I’m from Australia, where it’s usually hot in December. We spent three days in Switzerland exploring, drinking and relaxing.
Day 1: Zurich
We explored Zurich city and old town.
We walked down Bahnhofstrasse which is the central shopping district of Zurich and saw the beautiful fairy lights in the main street.
In the evening we had relaxing drinks at Clouds which is on level 35 at Prime Tower Zurich. We ended the day with an impressive seafood dinner prepared by Sammy’s brother, Francesco.

Zürich Opera House

Fairy lights in the main shopping district

Clouds at the Prime Tower

Christmas Eve Dinner

Day 2: Lugano
We explored the Italian part of Switzerland and enjoyed a huge Xmas lunch with some Swiss-Italian cuisine. We ate charcuterie, delicious Rabbit ragu, Beautiful venison steak, Tagliatelle with porcini, Mandarin cheesecake, and Italian-style macarons.
In the evening we had drinks in the main shopping square, which boasted market stalls and champagne tents.

LEFT: porcini tagliatelle RIGHT: Rabbit Ragu

Mandarin cheesecake

Day 3: Engelberg and Pfäffikon
We drove to the snow in Engelberg and climbed up Mount Titlis in 3 consecutive cable cars. We walked across a suspension bridge in the sky 3041 metres above sea level and explored the glacier cave. It was -10 degrees Celsius and was snowing at the top of the mountain. We ate at the restaurant at the summit which was self-service and international cuisine. The views of the snow-covered mountains and rock faces were absolutely incredible and it was a phenomenal experience.
To end the day we went to Alpamare, which was a gorgeous outdoor hydrothermal pool and indoor waterpark. After this, we had pizza together for dinner from a local Italian pizza restaurant. We had such a rejuvenating holiday and I’m so grateful for everything in 2017.

Titlis Rotair Gondola

Titlis Glacier Cave

When’s your next holiday and where would you like to travel to in 2018? Please leave a comment and let me know.
I’m going to start posting most travel diaries from my archives. More travel posts coming soon, guys!

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