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Favourite Nudes and Brown Lipsticks


Shopping for nudes and browns can be hard because there are so many different skin tones and undertones. I have always had trouble in the past finding nudes and browns that are right for my skin. I have done so much research and testing and these are the ones I’m loving at the moment.

For reference, my ‘Summer’ shades are 360 in Fenty Beauty Foundation or NC42 in MAC foundation. My ‘Winter’ foundation shade is Warm Honey in Bobbi Brown Skin Serum Foundation. If you’re similar in skin tone to me then this will really help you. I wish I found an article like this for myself a year ago.

Best Nudes and Brown Lipsticks for NC42 and medium to deep skin tones

Brown Brush Strokes Beauty Make Up Poster

I’m not expert on colour matching or skin biochemistry, but I hope this inspired you a little.

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