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How I Changed From Black to Blonde Hair in One Day!


From black Asian hair to blonde hair in one appointment:

This year I decided that I wanted to have ashy beige blonde hair. I’ve had highlights/balayage for the past five years and wanted to change my look dramatically. My issue with going so light with hair colour is the undeniable  brassy tones from moving your hair from black to blonde.
I was concerned about the long-term damage to your hair as it is chemically broken. The bleach breaks down the keratin bonds found in the hair and removes the melanin or artificial pigment so you can ‘lift’ your hair to a lighter level. My hair is highlighted all in different sections of my hair, so moving into one blonde colour is pretty high risk for damage. As well as this, I am almost guaranteed to show brassy tones over time.

Elise Santos

Before and After

Where did I get my hair done?

I wanted to go to a highly reputable salon, with experienced hairdressers who understand the importance of proper consultation, high quality treatments, and provide necessary advice for hair care.

After lots of Instagram research I stumbled upon Mojka Hair York Street and booked in for a full hair transformation. Michelle had a full consultation with me prior to the colouring and explained that it would take a very long time as my hair was already highlighted. My hair was lighter/brassy/dark in all different areas because of the woven technique used in my past hair appointments. This makes it hard to connect the virgin/undyed areas from the over-bleached areas and bring out one blonde colour all over.

She explained that the best way to reach my end goal was to do a full head bleach in multiple sessions over the 1 day if possible. This would lift all my hair to blonde. Then to finish off the look with ashy brown-coloured 1-inch roots, so that I wouldn’t have such a stark contrast of black and blonde when my black roots start to grow out.

Elise Santos


The treatment process:

This hair change is not for the faint of heart. I received layers upon layers of bleach, $$$$ treatments, and colouring over the course of the whole day from 11 am til 7:30pm. My scalp was stinging and tingling for an extended period of time, and my entire head of hair was truly pushed to the limit. Hair broke off and fell away, but I managed to keep a lot of length.

The stylists used Biosthetique glass ampoules to treat my hair whilst bleaching and colouring. The staff at Mojka hair are incredibly professional and knowledgable about colouring hair.

During bleach:

Immediately after bleach and colour with Michelle in the background:


My hair stylist recommended using Biosthetique treatment to put the nutrients back into my hair and during the bleaching / colouring process. I was very familiar with Olaplex and similar brands that were used in the past on my hair. Michelle from Mojka Hair was quite honest and told me that in her experience – Olaplex products didn’t deliver the best results. I put my trust in her and went with the Biosthetique treatments.

From the Biosthetique website, they stated the following: “Hair also needs mineral substances, vitamins and trace elements. If our body lacks these, the hair rapidly becomes malnourished. Consequently, hair rapidly becomes limp and body and bounce are lost. In the long term, hair quality worsens and the hair becomes finer and brittle, which results in hair loss. But this does not have to be the case.

The ampoule treatment Ergines Plus Vital contains a healthy dose of vital substances – practically everything that makes the hair healthy, full and bouncy. It rapidly restores the hair quality and creates the prerequisites for healthy hair growth. The hair noticeably gains stability and lively bounce. Ergines Plus Vital is a fitness cocktail that restores health and energy to tired hair.”

Definitely something we all need when bleaching hair, so that it doesn’t all break off.

I had many treatments between the layers of bleach and then when it was time for a cut, she didn’t take too much length off so I still have most of my long hair! My hair still reaches my mid-low back.

I was beyond impressed by the staff and their ability to help their clients reach their ideal end results. I highly recommend these guys to anyone in Sydney who’s looking for a great colourist.

After almost 9 hours in the chair, we finally lifted my hair from black to a beige gold blonde. I didn’t go for an ash or a silver blonde, as I thought it may wash me out and not suit my skin tone. I’m loving my blonde hair so far!


Elise Santos

Me + my new hair in the Blue Mountains NSW


What about after?

With the amount of change and damage that my hair has endured, I have to take care of my blonde hair.
I’m currently using a purple shampoo once a week
Joico Intense Hydrator as my conditioner
Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector as my once weekly treatment


Wanna see more hair inspo?

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