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How a New Vitamin-C Range Improved My Skin in 4 Weeks


The new Pixi beauty skintreats vitamin-C range was gifted to me. I love their packaging, makeup, and skincare products so far so I was excited to try these ones out. Vitamin-C is a vital molecule for the health of your skin. This gives rise to Vitamin-C potential protection against UV radiation and free radical particles, treating hyperpigmentation, and increasing collagen production.

The range includes five products:

Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser
This is a cleansing water with stable Vitamin C for highly potent antioxidant and brightening effect. Great for removing makeup and safe to use over eyelids. You don’t need to rinse this product off and it doesn’t foam up (which we know can cause dryness). From using this product so many of my blemishes have lightened up or reduced in size. For sensitive skins: This caused a transient erythema on my cheeks that lasted less than 1 hour. No other adverse reactions noted and the next day left my skin looking great.

Vitamin-C Tonic
After using the cleanser, your next step in the routine is to use a cotton round with the tonic. This product is great for exfoliation and removing any residual grime. The tonic provides free radical protection during the day and promotes healthy collagen production. The Pixi Vitamin C Tonic is a better toner than a lot of others that I’ve tried and even contains some must-have ingredients (Vitamin A, C, E, hyaluronic acid and skin conditioners).

Vitamin-C Serum
Brightening & antioxidant serum provides a boost of radiance and promotes healthy texture. Helps with redness and discoloration and much cheaper and accessible than many products on the market. Purchase here: https://www.pixibeauty.com/collections/vitamin-c-collection

Vitamin-C Lotion
A lightweight and refreshing moisturiser which keeps your skin smooth. I use this before makeup and find that it’s also great as a primer. I think it is a lifesaver for dull, acne-prone and sun-damaged skin.

Vitamin-C Caviar Balm
This balm has encapsulated vitamins which provide nutrients for your skin. It feels like a gel and absorbs so well. The balm can be used morning and night, as needed.  I put it on before going to bed and I woke up with dewy skin.


I really liked this range due to the quality of the products, considering the affordable pricing. I experienced some mild irritation after using the cleanser and toner, which quickly disappeared to reveal softer skin. My skin texture appeared more smooth and I experienced less hyper-pigmentation. We can be pretty sensitive to Vitamin C products, so introduce your products slowly one-by-one and consult with a facialist/dermatologist if unsure.

Loved trying out these products, would purchase the cleanser, serum and lotion again.

Let me know in the comments which beauty products you are loving right now.


Click here to purchase the range on the Pixi Beauty website 


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