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Why Young Living Essential Oils?


Why choose Young Living?

Why shouldn’t you buy just any essential oil from retail shops?

This is because some essential oils are laced with synthetic fragrances that are not natural meaning you won’t reap the benefits of true essential oils. Synthetic oils in fact can do more damage to your body because they can store in the body as toxins, unable to be released. I’ve even seen dangerous ones even found in organic food shops!

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Over the 25 years of Young Living working as a business, they have developed the largest library of Essential Oil samples for testing worldwide.

I trust these oils because they have a seed to seal promise. This ensures that every single process from picking the seeds to prepping the soil to harvest to distillation is done to the same high and consistent standards. So many people have said how quick and effective these oils have been for them through personal testimonies. Feel free to ask me more info regarding this.

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