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Start your low-tox journey with me!


Are you curious about how you can get started with creating an intentional and more natural, healthy home?

Do you want to get plant based products and essential oils from the best source with the highest purity and therapeutic grade?

Start by purchasing a premium starter kit with Young Living. You can slowly begin ditching toxic and switching to plant based/natural products month by month with essential rewards!

YL is SO much more than just oils! Instead of buying all my hair care, cleaning products, skin care etc at the supermarkets or even health food stores, we are now buying our products from Young Living, that we know are clean and safe and getting rewarded for it!

Investing in your health and getting freebies? Ummm YES PLEASE!




1. Click HERE to get started with my link to the Young Living website and the opportunity to save 24% off retail pricing!

2. Select “Wholesale Member” rather than “Retail Customer” (this is the cheaper option!)
You do not have to sell oils or start a business! It simply means that you get your oils + a 24% wholesale discount for the year.

3. Choose a starter kit! The Premium Starter Kit is the most popular kit as it comes with 11 of the most commonly loved and used essential oils – this is how I got started! Select a diffuser – note: the Desert Mist diffuser is a favourite but if you’re wanting to pay a little more for something more luxurious – the Aria and the Rainstone are incredible!

I first bought the Rainstone because I love high quality and the minimalist black design.


4. Click “yes I would like to enroll in ER” (Essential Rewards) and earn free products – this is your monthly wellness box! It is hands down the best way to start in a non-toxic lifestyle.

5. Click “yes” I do want to use PSK (Premium Starter Kit) as first ER (Essential Rewards) order – you will get 10 points back from your kit! These points can be used to earn more amazing freebies and also free product.


6. Select ‘customise your monthly order’ and add in 50 PV worth of products. I recommend the thieves household cleaner, valor roll-on & thieves laundry soap – don’t worry. You won’t get charged for this until the following month and you can change its processing and contents right up to the day before its due to process.

7. Save your monthly order and click next!

8. Enter your details and create a username, password, and pin.

9.  Pick a shipping method, enter your payment details then activate and checkout!

10. Your kit will be on it’s way very soon! As well as my welcome pack that will be coming to your house that is tailored for you with love. I will plug you into the Facebook groups and can tag you in some relevant posts with all of the tips and tricks and recipes – and just ALL OF THE THINGS!

What kind of investments have you made in your health where you can get ongoing support from likeminded individuals for free?! It’s just so amazing and you’ll be a part of a community that supports each other and shares tips and the lifestyle as much as they can. There are no secrets or hidden nasties in the products.

A group of amazing girls in our team made the little graphic above so you can see the different pricing between the diffusers and PSK kits. These are also the amazing bottles you get! Some of these oils retail at $128 just as a singular bottle.

So what you’re getting in the premium starter kit is massive and seriously amazing value! The value is $535 and you can get the desert mist or dewdrop diffuser and kit for $259!!!

As well as the diffuser, you will get 11 oils, Aromaglide fitment roller ball to put on top of your bottles (pro tip: roller ball on top of your Digize essential oil), hand sanitizer, 10 sample bottles, product guidelines and pricing, product flash cards, ningxia red health supplements!

The graphics below are some really useful ways in which you can begin to use your starter kit oils! Incredibly versatile and safe for kids as well as adults!

Throw away all your toxic candles, air fresheners and reed diffusers.

Diffuse chemical free essential oils in your home to boost your physical and mental health – oh and your home will smell amazing.

Love that for you!

I’ve got the kit, now what?

I will be notified once you sign up and be in contact with you shortly! Don’t be shy though! If you’re wanting to connect send me an email or jump over to my Instagram account and say hello!

Add me on Facebook ‘Elise Santos’ and message me. I want to make this experience as easy and as fun as possible for you and I want you to have all the support and resources that you need.


What can I use the oils for? 


If you follow the link above, my member number 20326045 will appear in the “Sponsor” and “Enroller” fields.  You’ll need these to join our  team and to have me as your sponsor, supporting you along the way. If for some reason you land on the enrolment page some other way, make sure you use my member number 20326045 in the “Sponsor” and “Enroller” fields.


What do I get from all this?

By signing up you’ll be joining a community of like-minded and incredible people to support you with your oils and how to get the best use out of them.

You will have gain insights through free e-books, webinars, and private Facebook groups. You can also connect with us and gain access to the most beautiful resources to ensure you get the absolute best out of your Young Living products.

By investing in your health you can receive freebies and rewards for your purchases.  You get increasing percentages back as you keep ordering with essential rewards, starting from 10% to 25% back, as well as 24% off retail and so many other benefits on bundles and promos! Sounds like a gimmick and too good to be true but this is REAL! Young Living will change your life for the better. Plant powered and natural ingredients that is great for inside and outside of our bodies.

In addition to this, Young Living is so serious about their sustainability program, ‘Seed to Seal’ is being taken to the next level. The company has confirmed that these protocols offer greater supply chain assurance, reinforcing their mission of being the industry standard-bearer for unparalleled sustainability performance and practices. Be more eco friendly and bring some wellness to your life and your family!

Say your first YES, to a more healthy and natural way of living.

Click here.

Alternatively, go to http://yl.pe/cvqq
or phone Member Services: 1300 28 9536

(1300 AU YLEO)
and quote ‘20326045’ as your sponsor and enroller.


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