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Meditation Essentials: ways to magnify your meditation experience

It’s important to take time for productive self-care practices.
Quiet your mind and invite grounding feelings to each day with meditation.
Creating a calming space for moments of reflection can significantly enhance your experience.
In any space, a small room, nook, or quiet corner, here are a few essentials to incorporate into your meditation space.
Check out the 6 ways to enhance your meditation below:
  1. Having a diffuser nearby is a great way to create a serene environment. Did you know? Smell is the only sense connected to the limbic lobe, the emotional control centre of the brain. By simply inhaling aromas, you can positively affect your emotions and mood. Try diffusing oils that will invite grounding feelings and guard against negative energy, such as Valor, Palo Santo, Highest Potential, and Sacred Sandalwood. You can also put a drop in the palms of your hands, cup your hands around your nose and breathe in deeply. There are so many incredible essential oils to support your emotions!


  2. Oils can also be used topically during your meditation practice. Apply oils to wrists, neck, or temples before you start relaxing. We love Frankincense, Awaken and Grounding to name a few! Try these three grounding essential oils in our Mindfulness Collection which comes with your choice of rose quartz or amethyst crystals.


  3. Bring more tranquillity to your space with an element of nature indoors. Plants will purify the surrounding air and add life to your space! Sit or kneel quietly near a plant or tree and do this regularly. Keep a journal for recording any experiences or insights you receive from plants, pollinators or other sentient beings during your practice.


  4. There’s nothing like a warm cup of tea to soothe your soul during rest or self-care practices. Young Living’s Thieves, Lemon and Lavender essential oils can be the perfect companion for your quiet time. Each comforting sip contains carefully crafted natural ingredients and rich aromas.


  5. Sound is a powerful tool that can set the mood and help you relax. The rich, deep tones of Tibetan singing bowls are loved by many meditation gurus. Don’t have one? Try playing relaxing music through the speakers of your Aria diffuser. For more options, connect your phone and meditate to the music of your choice. Another amazing mobile app for free guided meditation is Insight Timer.


  6. Another popular element that can add a sense of touch are crystals. People often feel rooted to the earth when they hold them or have them nearby. Smudge sticks can also be a great tool for creating a spiritual atmosphere for your yoga or meditation practice.



Aria diffuser from Young Living and sheets from Bed threads



If you’re wanting to learn more about essential oils and going low tox, fill out this google docs form or message me on instagram! I would absolutely love to be your safe landing space for using oils and reducing your toxin load.





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