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Transfer Buying: Switch to low tox slowly each month


Are you wanting to make better choices and lean towards natural living?
Are you also overwhelmed by what is on the shelves at supermarkets, pharmacies, health food/organic stores and boutique markets?
Are you finding it hard to decipher certain ingredients on your labels? 

I definitely had these three main concerns in mind when I first noted a lot of skin and internal health issues that I was having and thought was normal. I wanted to rid my life of as many modern-day toxins as possible. 

For those of you unfamiliar with what ‘low tox’ means – it’s essentially a holistic approach to everyday life with an ongoing processes of achieving a healthy mind, body and planet. It aims to eliminate the harmful chemicals that litter our everyday existence whilst promoting a sustainable and rewarding way to live. From personal care and cleaning products to cosmetics and nutritional supplements, whereby most areas of your lifestyle and home are covered.

Did you know?

Manufacturers are not required to list their ‘fragrance’ ingredients on product labels. Often, only one word ‘fragrance’ is listed on the label and this hides a cocktails of some 3000 chemicals that are toxic for the human body. 


Because fragrances are considered to be ‘trade secrets’ of a company, so they are concealed. The fragrance and many other industries govern this, so that safety testing doesn’t have to be undertaken by regulators before products are sold to consumers. The chemical industry is largely self-regulated, meaning that it’s really up to consumers to become aware of the ingredients list and understand if the products are safe.


So… where does that leave you?

Young Living has so many all-natural products or low tox recipes you can make yourself using YL oils. This company has the largest and most established library of pure essential oils with traditional uses in aromatherapy. The essential oils are also safe to be diffused and taken internally as well. 

Not only that, but Young Living is also a one-stop shop for all things low tox! Meaning you can grab all your usual supermarket, department store, pharmacy, cosmetic and organic store products in the one place with a reputable company. Many commercial products are laden with toxins and nasties. Fortunately, you can have safer alternatives when it comes to cleaners, personal care items, products for kids and animals, and even makeup. 


Start with the kitchen and cleaning products

The first stop on your mission to a low tox home? The kitchen! 
People discharge almost 33 litres of chemical products per year down the drain. Dishwashing liquids, hand soaps and body washes account for 50% of this. These chemicals end up in waterways and impact the environment and wildlife. These harsh chemicals also have negative effects on the body. They contain EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are found in cleaning products, laundry products, and air fresheners.

Young living makes the switch so easy. Their ‘Thieves’ cleaning range allows you to clean your home from top to bottom with peace of mind.


Upgrade your personal care and skincare

Next up, take some time to inspect the other products in the bathroom. Many of the personal care products you use daily could also have hidden chemicals or harsh dyes and fragrances. Read the labels on everything from your toothpaste to your shower gel to see where you can make improvements. 

Use Moisturising shower gels with Skin-Loving Essential Oils
Stock your showers with moisturizing shower gels that clean effectively without stripping your skin of its natural moisture barrier. Try adding the following oils to any of the Young Living bath and shower gels for hydration.
Men’s Shower Gel
Using ‘Morning Start’ Bath & Shower Gel, mix in 6 drops each of the following essential oils, adjusting as desired:
Women’s Shower Gel
Using ‘Lavender’ or ‘Sensation’ Bath & Shower Gel, mix in 6 drops each of the following essential oils, adjusting as desired:
2. Use Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizers with Skin-Loving Essential Oils
I want my family to use my favourite lotions and to use them often. I take my favourite Young Living lotions, with added essential oils for my own personal twist, and stash them in every room, partners’ bathroom, and in any of my bags.
It’s so easy to create your own skincare DIYs with organic carrier oils and just a few drops of your favourite essential oils.

Check out this Glow serum recipe:

Your skin will literally drink-up these skin lovin’ oils & your face will forever thank you for it. No expensive (read: chemical-ridden) regimes needed. Just plant-based goodness & supporting your skin naturally.
In a 50ml dropper bottle:
ᕱ 15 frankincense
ᕱ 15 lavender
ᕱ 15 valor
Top with jojoba oil for oily/combo skin or sweet almond oil for dry skin.


Upgrade your beauty and makeup routine

Savvy Minerals by Young living is an entire range of low tox, clean beauty products so you can still go full glam without the nasties. There is still the option for you to mask your imperfections, blur fine lines and wrinkles, hide dark circles, and feel an all-day wear. Much of the savvy minerals range is infused with essential oils which soothe and support the appearance of healthy-looking skin. The makeup products contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes.

My absolute favourites as of recent have been the Savvy Minerals liquid concealer and liquid foundation. These contain self-smoothing plant-based polymers protect skin, moisturise, and help create a smooth appearance and even coverage. This comes in 13 full-coverage shades that match a variety of skin tones. 

While developing these products, Young Living used the beauty industry recognized Fitzpatrick scale to guide them in the development of cosmetics for all shade ranges. You’ll see in the graphic that the 13 new shades touch on every segment of the Fitzpatrick scale to make them great for many skin tones. Being a person of colour, a wide shade range is super important to me that’s inclusive for many people.

Are you ready to get started and make these effective swaps for better products? Transfer buying is the idea of reviewing what you’re already buying and where you’re buying it from. When you’re ready for natural living and cleaner products, send me a message or come to this page.



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