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Toxic Beauty: are chemicals in everyday products making us sick?


Hey everyone, I’m getting real serious today with this article. I have always loved using and reviewing different beauty products, skincare and all our everyday products that we put on our bodies. Since starting to switch to a more low tox lifestyle, I’ve wanted to learn more about what is really in our products. What’s really in our everyday household products, personal care and cosmetics?…

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The simplest way to go low-tox with the starter kit


Do you want to live more sustainably and create a more intentional and natural, healthy home? Do you want to get plant based products and essential oils from the best source with the highest purity and therapeutic grade? YL is SO much more than just oils! Instead of buying all my hair care, cleaning products, skin care etc at the supermarkets or even health food…

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Start your low-tox journey with me!


Are you curious about how you can get started with creating an intentional and more natural, healthy home? Do you want to get plant based products and essential oils from the best source with the highest purity and therapeutic grade? Start by purchasing a premium starter kit with Young Living. You can slowly begin ditching toxic and switching to plant based/natural products month by month…

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Why Young Living Essential Oils?


Why choose Young Living? Why shouldn’t you buy just any essential oil from retail shops? This is because some essential oils are laced with synthetic fragrances that are not natural meaning you won’t reap the benefits of true essential oils. Synthetic oils in fact can do more damage to your body because they can store in the body as toxins, unable to be released. I’ve…

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The Beginning Of My Low-Tox Journey


Hey guys! I am so excited to start sharing my low-tox journey with Young Living essential oils (YLEO). + What are essential oils? Essential oils are highly aromatic oils derived from plants. They can be pulled from any botanical matter and are typically extracted from flower petals, citrus peels, grasses, tree barks, and resins. The oils are extracted through a variety of methods, including cold…

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Acne Studios Pop-Up Sale Sydney


The Acne Studios Pop-Up sale allows you to find some beautiful Scandi-minimalist pieces for up to 75% off retail price. Translation: the opportunity to revamp your wardrobe with the clothes of your dreams. Where? Paddington Town Hall 249 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021 When? Wednesday 21st August – Sun 25th August, 2019 10am–8pm on Wednesday 10am–7pm on Thursday 10am–6pm on Friday and Saturday 11am–5pm on…

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Elise Santos

Elise Santos

Hello friends!
I'm Elise and this website is about all things Beauty, Wellness & Lifestyle. I am a nurse & digital creator living in Sydney, Australia.
I'm passionate about creating an intentional home and advocating for holistic wellness.