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How a New Vitamin-C Range Improved My Skin in 4 Weeks


The new Pixi beauty skintreats vitamin-C range was gifted to me. I love their packaging, makeup, and skincare products so far so I was excited to try these ones out. Vitamin-C is a vital molecule for the health of your skin. This gives rise to Vitamin-C potential protection against UV radiation and free radical particles, treating hyperpigmentation, and increasing collagen production. The range includes five…

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Best Lip Mask Of All Time


This product is the best lip mask I have tried in 2019. Always trying different lip balms, treatments, masks because my lips are always somewhat dry. My lips be trying to play me even through I stay well hydrated throughout the day i.e. 35ml per kg over a 24-hour period. I stumbled across the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask whilst browsing in Sephora, and seen this…

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Pre-Holiday Prep


Before I go on vacation I like to do some pre-holiday prep. This involves not only packing, but also stocking up on beauty essentials and scheduled pampering. I like to stock up on usual products that I can’t live without overseas. For me, it’s important to have my hair freshly coloured/cut, skin looking health, and nails painted. Last Saturday, I got some fresh blonde done…

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The Best Brunch Spots in Surry Hills


Do you find yourself scrolling through countless pages, google searches, and reviews looking for the perfect 1pm breakfast / lunch / brunch / anywhere selling eggs in general? These are the best brunch places I have visited so far in Surry Hills, NSW. This article is not sponsored, there are no ads, just pure, honest thoughts about the menus and service of the following cafes.…

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How I Changed From Black to Blonde Hair in One Day!


From black Asian hair to blonde hair in one appointment: This year I decided that I wanted to have ashy beige blonde hair. I’ve had highlights/balayage for the past five years and wanted to change my look dramatically. My issue with going so light with hair colour is the undeniable  brassy tones from moving your hair from black to blonde. I was concerned about the…

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A few of my favourite things


Hey guys! I know it has been a little while. Just got my notification to renew my site hosting and that gave me a little kick up the butt to write something. The truth is that I’ve been focusing so much on work, new challenges and moving house that my content creation has taken a backseat. I wanted to update you guys on some of…

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Elise Santos

Hello friends!
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I'm passionate about creating an intentional home and advocating for holistic wellness.